Teaching And Research

Teaching Resources

Baubles of Britain EDSITEment lesson
Picturing U.S. History
Edward Clay and "Life in Philadelphia"
Virtual Jamestown
EDSITEment lesson on White/deBry images
Visualizing the Past
site provides a library of collections of digitized imagery, an interactive bibliography for scholars interested in learning more about the history of visual culture, and a usage guide for students and scholars unsure how to cite images in their work.

Funding & Research

Grants in History, compiled by MSU
This website provides lists of grants by subject area, including history, the arts, film, writing, and several others
Resources in Art History
A very thorough website devoted to fellowships and other opportunities for graduate students, but the resources themselves are often open to professionals and post-graduates as well.
ACLS Fellowships
Funding Sources for Visual Culture Studies
A list provided by the USC Visual Culture Certificate Program with sections for faculty, PhD Students, Dissertation, and post-docs.